Savory Taste of Thailand
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1.EDAMAME                                                                                         3.95

2.CRISPY SPRING ROLLS(3)(Veggie or Pork)                                    3.95
Deep-fried homemade egg roll stuffed with cabbage, glass noodle, celery, carrot and onion, served with sweet sour peanut sauce.

3.SOFT SPRING ROLL (2)(Shrimp or Tofu)                                         3.95
Soft rice paper wrapped with vermicelli, lettuce, carrots, served with sweet sour peanut sauce.

4.FRIED TOFU                                                                                      3.95
Deep-fried bean curd, served with crush peanuts in sweet sour sauce.

5.FRIED WONTON                                                                               4.95
A mixture of ground chicken, garlic, pepper, wrapped in wonton skin, 
deep-fried, served withsweet and sour sauce.

6.CRAB RANG GOON (5)                                                                    4.95
Deep-fried wonton with crème cheese crab meat filling, served with plum sauce.

7.STEMED OR FRIED DUMPLING(5)                                                  5.95
Homemade pork dumpling, served with dark sweet dipping sauce.

8.FRIED CALAMARI                                                                             5.95

9.FRIED FISH CAKE(4)                                                                        5.95
Ground fish and green bean patties, seasoned with curry paste, served with cucumber sauce.

10.FRIED SHRIMP(3)                                                                           4.95
Stuffed with cabbage and carrots wrapped in egg roll skin, served with sweet and sour sauce.

11.CHICKEN WINGS(5)                                                                       5.95
Marinated chicken wings with garlic, black pepper and Thai seasoning.

12.SATAY(4)                                                                                         6.95
Skewered marinated chicken or tofu in a mixture of Thai spices, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

13.SAMPLER APPETIZERS                                                                7.95
Egg roll, Spring roll, Dumpling, Crab rang goon, Satay and Chicken wing.

                                                                                              Bowl /  Firepot

1.TOM YUM                                                               Shrimp  4.95      9.95
                                                                    Chicken or tofu    4.00      8.95
Hot and sour soup with lemongrass,lime juice,green onion,cilantro,tomatoes and mushrooms.

2.TOM KAH                                                                Shrimp  4.95     9.95
                                                                   Chicken or Tofu     4.00     8.95
Coconut soup with lemongrass,green onion,cilantro,galangal,mushroom and lime juice.

 3.SEAFOOD SOUP(POH TAEK)                                                     11.95 Mussels,shrimps,fish,squids in a hot pot and sour spicy soup.

4.BEAN THREAD SOUP                                                                    8.95
Bean thread noodle with cabbage, ground pork and green onion.

5.VEGETABLE SOUP                                                                         8.95
Mixed vegetable and ground pork or chicken.

 6.HOT AND SOUR SOUP                                                                  8.95
Tofu soup with dried mushroom, bamboo strip, cilantro, green onion ,egg ,and red pepper.

7.KOW TOM                                                                Shrimp or Fish 8.95
                                                                                  Chicken or Pork  7.95
Rice soup with cilantro, green onion, garlic and Thai seasoning.

SALADS                                                                             Small / Large

1.HOUSE SALAD                                                                    3.50    7.50
Chicken or tofu, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and carrots served with peanut dressing.

2.PAPAYA SALAD                                                                               9.95
Papaya salad mixed with carrot ,tomato ,peanut, chilli and lime juice.

 3.LARB                                                                                       Tofu  9.95
                                                                        Chicken, Pork or Beef   9.95
Ground meat mixed with red onion, chilli, cilantro,rice powder, and lime juice.

 4.NAM SOD                                                                                        9.95
Ground Pork mixed with thai chilli, ginger, onions, peanuts, and lime juice.

 5.YUM NOUR                                                                                     10.95
Grill beef with lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomato with spicy and sour dressing.

 6.YUM WOON SEN                                                                            9.95
Bean thread noodle mixed with ground chicken ,shrimp,red onion,
peanut, thai chilli and lime juice.

 7.SQUID SALAD                                                                                9.95
White squids mixed with lettuce, cucumber,tomato ,red onion ,thai chilli and lime juice.

 8.SHRIMP SALAD                                                                             9.95
Boiled shrimps with lettuce, cucumber,tomato,red onion with spicy and sour dressing.

 9.MIXED VEGETABLE SALAD                                                         9.95
Hot and Spicy salad with tomatoes,cucumber,onion,cabbage,carrot,lime juice and Thai seasoning.

NOODLES (Choice of Chicken, Pork, Beef or Tofu)
                     (Shrimp $2.00 extra)

1.PAD THAI                                                                                          9.95
Thin rice noodles stir-fried with egg, ground peanut, topped with bean sprout and green onion.

2.LAD NAH                                                                                          9.95
Flat rice noodles stir-fried with chinese broccoli, topped with brown gravy sauce.

3. PAD SEE YOU                                                                                9.95
Flat rice noodles stir-fried with egg and chinese broccoli in sweet brown sauce.

4.PAD KEE MAO                                                                                9.95
 Flat rice noodles stir-fried with onions, mushrooms, basil, baby corn 
,bell pepper and thai chilli.

5.PAD SEE ME                                                                                    9.95
Vermicelli noodle stir-fried with egg, ground peanut and tomato sauce, topped with bean sprout and green onion.

6.PAD WOON SEN                                                                              9.95
Bean thread noodle stir-fried with egg, cabbage, and green onion on the top.

7.THAI NOODLE SOUP (Kuai Tiao Num)                                           9.95
Rice noodle or egg noodle soup with bean sprouts, cilantro, green onion.

8.THAI DRIED NOODLE (Kuai Tiao Haeng)                                       9.95
Dried rice noodle or egg noodle with green onion, bean sprout, ground peanut and cilantro.

9.THAI PEANUT SOUP                                                                       9.95
Rice noodle soup with peanuts, cilantro, green onion, bean sprouts and thai red pepper.

10.INDIAN NOODLE SOUP                                                                9.95
Rice noodle soup with Indian curry, bean sprouts, cilantro, green onion, peanuts and coconut milk.

11.THAI BEEF NOODLE SOUP                                                          9.95
Thai spicy beef soup with rice noodle ,bean sprout, green onions and cilantro

12.GRILL PORK NOODLE                                                                  9.95
Marinated grill pork on top of vermicelli noodle, lettuce, garlic and sauce on the side.

FRIED RICE (Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu) 
                         (Shrimp $2.00 extra)

1.THAI FRIED RICE                                                                            9.95
Stir-fried rice with egg, tomato, cabbage, carrot and green onion.

2.VEGETABLE FRIED RICE (not come with meat)                            9.95
Stir-fried rice with mixed vegetables and egg.
3.INDIAN CURRY FRIED RICE                                                           9.95
Stir-fried rice with egg, jalapeno, indian curry, vegetables and thai seasoning. 
 4.GREEN CURRY FRIED RICE                                                          9.95
Stir-fried rice with hot green curry, green beans and thai seasoning.

 5.PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE                                                                9.95
Stir-fried rice with egg, raisin, pineapple, cashew, indian curry and thai seasoning.

 6.BASIL FRIED RICE                                                                         9.95
Stir-fried rice with fresh basil, jalapeno, broccoli, garlic, green onion, and thai seasoning.

7.COMBINATION FRIED RICE                                                           10.95
Fried rice with chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, tomato and vegetables.

8.CRAB FRIED RICE                                                                          11.95
Stir-fried rice with crab meat, egg, carrot and onion.

CURRY  ( Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu ) 
                 ( Shrimp $2.00 extra )

1.YELLOW CURRY                                                                            10.50
Mild yellow curry sauce with carrot, onion, potato in coconut milk, topped with cucumber salad.

2.PANANG CURRY                                                                            10.50
Mild red curry sauce in coconut milk, topped with leech lime.

3.MUSSAMUN CURRY                                                                      10.50
Mussamun curry with potato, onion, tomato and peanut in coconut milk.

4.RED CURRY                                                                                   10.50
Red hot curry sauce with bamboo strips, zucchini, basil in coconut milk.

5.GREEN CURRY                                                                               10.50
Green curry sauce with bamboo strips, zucchini, basil in coconut milk.

6.VEGETABLE AND TOFU CURRY (Choice of red or green curry)  10.50
Stir-fried tofu and combination of vegetables with thai hot curry and coconut milk .

ENTREES  (Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu ) 
                      (Shrimp $2.00 extra )

1.VEGGIE LOVER                                                                              9.95
Combination of vegetables, including broccoli, carrots, cabbage, mushroom, snowpea, onion,bell pepper, celery and stir-fried in light brown sauce.

2.PAD KAPRAO                                                                                 9.95
Stir-fried with onions, broccoli,fresh basil, and thai chilli in brown sauce.

3.PAD KRA TIEAM PLICK THAI                                                        9.95
Stir-fried with thai black-pepper, garlic, sweet soy sauce and thai seasoning. Topped with cilantro and cucumber.

4.PAD PLICK KHING                                                                          9.95
Stir-fried in a red curry sauce, green beans, leech lime and thai seasonings.

5.PAD PLICK PAO                                                                              9.95
Stir-fried with onions, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and celery in spicy and sweet brown sauce.

6.PAD BROCCOLI                                                                               9.95
Stir-fried with broccoli,carrot and onion in oyster sauce and thai seasoning.

7.PAD SNOWPEA                                                                               9.95
Stir-fried with snow peas, bamboo shoots, baby corn and onion in light brown sauce.

8.PAD CASHEWS                                                                              9.95
Stir-fried with cashews nut ,diced carrot , celery and snow pea in  light brown sauce.

9.PAD KHING                                                                                     9.95
Stir-fried with strips of ginger, dried mushrooms, celery, and onions in brown sauce.

10.PAD PREW WANN                                                                        9.95
Stir-fried with cucumber ,onion ,tomatoes, bell pepper, mushrooms ,tomato sauce and Thai seasoning.

11.PEANUT SAUCE                                                                           9.95
Stir-fried chicken or tofu with green bean,carrot and onion in brown peanut sauce.

12.KRA PRAO GAI KAI DAO                                                            9.95
Grounded chicken with basil, onion ,thai chili and spicy sauce ,served with fried egg on top.

13. PAD EEGPLANT (NO MEAT)                                                       8.95


1.GANG SOM                                                                                   12.95
Sour curry with mixed vegetables.

2.PLA SAM ROD                                                                              12.95
Fried fillet fish with red onion, garlic, sweet and sour sauce, and steamed broccoli on the side.

3.JUNGLE CURRY                                                                           12.95
Spicy curry soup with cabbage, carrot, onion, broccoli, snowpea, mushroom, bamboo strip, zuchini and thai basil.

4.TIGER CRIED                                                                                12.95
Grilled marinated beef , served with spicy thai taste sauce. 

5.GANG PHED PED YANG                                                              12.95
Grilled duck breast in red curry, coconut milk, pineapple, fresh tomato and basil leaves.

6.STEAMED LEMON FISH                                                               12.95 
Steamed fresh fillet of fish topped with hot bird pepper, garlic ,and lime juice.

7.BASIL SEAFOOD                                                                          12.95
Stir-fried shrimp,squid ,fish and scallop with hot bird pepper, garlic, white onion,basil and thai seasoning.

8.CHUCHEE SALMON                                                                     12.95
Salmon fillet in red hot curry sauce, coconut millk, makroot leaves.

9.CRAZY BEEF                                                                                12.95
Stir-fried grounded beef with green beans, hot thai chilli,garlic and thai seasoning.

11.CRISPY DUCK                                                                            12.99
Come with mix vegetables and sweet sour spicy sauce.


SIDE FRIED RICE                                                                               3.95
Stir-fried rice with egg and chicken

CORN DOG                                                                                         3.00

CHICKEN NUGGET                                                                            3.00

FRENCH FRIES                                                                                  3.00


STICKY RICE WITH MANGO (SEASONAL)                                      4.95 

STICKY RICE WITH CUSTARD  (SEASONAL)                                  4.95

FRIED BANANA                                                                                  3.95

COCONUT CREAM CUP                                                                    3.95

COCONUT ICE CREAM                                                                      3.50

THAI TEA ICE CREAM                                                                        3.50

ROTI                                                                                                    3.50
Thai pancake with condensed milk and sugar


All beverage are no refills except hot tea, hot coffee and ice tea.

THAI ICE TEA                                                                                      3.00

THAI ICE COFFEE                                                                              3.00


HOT TEA (Jasmine or Green)                                                              1.50

ICE TEA                                                                                               1.50

HOT COFFEE                                                                                      2.50

SODA (Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke ,Root Beer or Dr.pepper)                   1.50

BOTTLE WATER                                                                                  1.50

COCONUT JUICE                                                                                3.50

(We can alter the spicy according to your taste)

- $1.00 for extra rice , $1.00 for extra sauce.
- $1.50 for extra meat, $2.00 for extra shrimp.
- 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more.
All prices is subject to change without prior notice.